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  • AARP coverage for MedMinder Automatic Pill Dispenser

      AARP bulletin reaches 37 million readers. We are so proud to see that in their recent March edition they covered the MedMinder Automatic Pill Dispenser, at the first product to help seniors stay independent at home.: AARP Coverage of MedMinder Automatic Pill Dispenser Some …

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  • Medication Adherence. What is the Big Deal?

    Hospitals are great. They’re cold, bright and there’s always the heart-warming scent of antiseptic. Now, what would you do if I said you could increase your chances of going to a hospital or needing medical assistance with just one easy step? I know, too good …

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  • Crashing

    Coffee is the most widely used simulant in the world. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, as millions of people in the United States drink at least a mug full each morning, not to mention throughout the day. Dunkin’ Donuts’ slogan is “America Runs on …

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  • Staying Younger, Longer

    It may partly have to do with the economy, but after college many students are returning home to live with their families. It’s not uncommon to hear of someone in their mid-twenties (and increasingly older) still at home or back at home. It makes financial …

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  • The Impact of Music on Alzheimer’s

    Music is all around us. People are exposed to the beauty of music long before they realize – since childhood and until the end of time. It evokes many emotions, many of which during the harshest or saddest of times, helps us feel alive, invigorated …

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  • Live a healthier and worry-free lifestyle now!

    Congratulations! By visiting this page, you have made your successful effort in taking your first step to living a better safer and comforting lifestyle Get to know MedMinder better. Read through to learn how MedMinder works and why we offer the solution to make a …

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  • Taking my pills on time

    If you think about it, taking a pill shouldn’t be that hard of a task. So why is it that every time my doctor prescribes me medication with the simple instruction of taking ‘one pill per day as needed for 10 days’ it always takes …

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  • Medication Adherence can be Predicted?

    Not long ago, the New England Healthcare Institute released new research showing that patients who do not take their medications as prescribed by their doctors cost the U.S. health care system an estimated $290 billion in avoidable medical spending every year. Clearly, medication non-adherence is …

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  • Simple and effective ways for you to take care of your parents without panic

    Parents are undoubtedly figures that we consider most precious and important in our lives, for they have brought our existence to this world. With time and the everyday hassles of life, you may become busier and unable to be as attentive to your parents needs …

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  • The words from a father about MedMinder helping his daughter

    “Last Spring our daughter got all messed up on her anti depression pills and had a severe memory loss problem.  She could not seem to take her pills at the right time or in the right quantity.  I searched the Internet for a pill reminder …

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