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  • Automatic Medication Dispenser – review

    Copied from our Facebook Review section. We did not touch! Paula McCartney — 5 star This was the best thing that we have ever found! My sisters and I have the Jon box for my Mom. It has given us such a peace of mind. I highly recommend …

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  • New customer testimonial (posted on Facebook)

    Cathy McConnell — 4 star My 83 year old father loves his MedMinder. It is much less expensive than having his medications dispensed by the Assisted Living staff and he loves that he is reminded to take his medication at consistent times. I gave MedMinder 4 stars because …

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  • medication dispensing machines

    We are so pleased to have the following review of our medication dispensing machines:   This genius product (Jon) has taken away the burden (and temptation) of managing my multitude of medications since my injury and subsequent rhabdomyolysis. It’s like having my nurses back, but in …

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  • Helping Senior with Dementia stay independent

    MedMinder helps seniors with dementia stay independent:   See review from the MedMinder Facebook Page: We’ve used a Medminder for our dad for a year now and I highly recommend it. My dad who suffers from dementia, went from less than 50% compliance to 100%. The …

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  • Medication Dispenser for dementia patient – review

    Would like to share great review for the MedMinder medication dispenser for dementia patient:   My husband has CADASIL a form of progressive vascular dementia. I chose the Jon+Alert locking dispenser after much research and after 5 years of using a less secure machine. The …

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  • AARP coverage for MedMinder Automatic Pill Dispenser

      AARP bulletin reaches 37 million readers. We are so proud to see that in their recent March edition they covered the MedMinder Automatic Pill Dispenser, at the first product to help seniors stay independent at home.: AARP Coverage of MedMinder Automatic Pill Dispenser Some …

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  • Medication Adherence. What is the Big Deal?

    Hospitals are great. They’re cold, bright and there’s always the heart-warming scent of antiseptic. Now, what would you do if I said you could increase your chances of going to a hospital or needing medical assistance with just one easy step? I know, too good …

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  • Crashing

    Coffee is the most widely used simulant in the world. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, as millions of people in the United States drink at least a mug full each morning, not to mention throughout the day. Dunkin’ Donuts’ slogan is “America Runs on …

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  • Staying Younger, Longer

    It may partly have to do with the economy, but after college many students are returning home to live with their families. It’s not uncommon to hear of someone in their mid-twenties (and increasingly older) still at home or back at home. It makes financial …

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  • The Impact of Music on Alzheimer’s

    Music is all around us. People are exposed to the beauty of music long before they realize – since childhood and until the end of time. It evokes many emotions, many of which during the harshest or saddest of times, helps us feel alive, invigorated …

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