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Getting started with MedMinder

How do I know where to begin with my new MedMinder unit?
Do I need to have Internet access at home in order to use MedMinder?
What do I need to have at home in order to operate MedMinder?
What happens if I lose electricity?
How do I program MedMinder to match my medication schedule?
How do I get help registering and programming MedMinder?
What if I need to change my medication schedule during the week?
How fast do you ship the MedMinder unit?

Medication Trays: Fills and Refills

Does MedMinder provide reminders when it’s time to refill the tray?
What happens if my prescription changes before the next scheduled refill?
How long will a full medication tray last?
Where can I get more medication cups?
What if I take medication fewer than four times a day?
How many pills could the MedMinder pill dispenser accommodate?

Operating MedMinder

What do the different color status lights do?
What types of notifications will I or my caregivers receive?
Can someone with a vision or hearing disability use MedMinder?
What if I don’t want to receive all the reminders available, just some of them?
Can I take MedMinder with me if I go away for several days or go away on vacation?

Customer Support

Who do I call if I have questions about using MedMinder?

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