Our Mission

MedMinder’s mission is to help the elderly stay independent at home, while providing peace of mind to their families and loved ones.

What we Do

MedMinder is a leading provider of medication management and medical alert services. Our pill dispensers (link to pill dispensers page), combined with medical alert (link to pill dispensers plus medical alert page), data reporting and live alerts to the families provide a unique solution for elderly who wish to stay independent, and peace of mind for their loved ones.

“I just wanted to let you know that your MedMinder pill dispensing system has changed my mother’s life… It’s like we have rolled back the clock by five years or better. Best of all, this allows her to keep her independence. Anyone who has a senior loved one living alone should have this device.”

Eddy Snell.

“I have been such a satisfied customer of the Medminder medication system that I just had to take a minute to write to you to tell you how the system has made a positive impact on the independent living arrangement for my father. My Dad is 80 and has been in and out of the hospital in 2010 because of taking his medications incorrectly. He wants to take the medicine the right way but just cannot remember well enough what has and has not been taken on a daily basis. He gets easily confused.

I began researching options for pill boxes to keep him more organized and accountable. I came across Medminder and decided to give it a try. Honestly, that system has given my father the ability to live independently while I can keep an eye on him. I have control of the dispensing of the medicine as I fill up the cups for each week on Saturday morning. Should he not take the medicine as expected within the given time window – I receive a text and can check up on him immediately. When I call, he is very pleased that I reminded him and thanks me for caring so much. He is now in much better health. His doctor appointments are simply routine. No hospital visits required.

Thank you for offering such a fantastic product. The system along with the service has been outstanding. I recommend this system without reservation for anyone who has an older parent who wants to stay in their homes.”

Mary Beth Marchionda