I have been looking for a product like this.
Before getting the MedMinder, I would often panic, call my mother everyday and drive long distances to make sure her medications were taken properly. She had monthly doctor visits to balance out her medications and it was problematic for all of us. Also, it was not possible for me to live with her and my wife all in the same house while monitoring her medications and health.After getting the MedMinder Maya pillbox, I am no longer concerned about calling to make sure whether she takes her medications. Now, my routine in the morning after waking up is to check the weather and look at her MedMinder report. The updates provide me with peace of mind knowing that she has taken her medications on time. Her quality of life has improved drastically and other people seem to visibly notice that she is doing better as well. She is the best she has been now and even feels comfortable being outside. Overall, I think this is an excellent product!