We LOVE your box. Our mom’s pills have never gone smoother. We don’t spend any time worrying whether she is taking her pill. What a superb system you have developed. And it allows you to put a lot more pills and even vitamins than we were able to do with any other system. But The reminder and notification works so well – my mother loves it.(you are welcome to use our quote).
We have the box set so when the time to take pills occurs (9am, 1PM, 9PM) the first signal is just having the light flashing. My mom says she’d be happy if it could beep on the first signal. and let it continue to beep till you get to the next escalation. Usually, the only time it’ s an issue if she happens to not be in the apartment.
Can you set the alerts so the first alert beeps along with the lighting up of the box? If not, we can live with it. Just wondered.