My name is Bob Benoit and I wish to thank you for your wonderful MedMinder invention. My wife Cathy has suffered for 36 years with Bi-Polar depression with anxiety. Her longest period of feeling well during this time was 5 months. More typically she would cycle between feeling well and being extremely depressed at three month intervals. Needless to say this has greatly affected the quality of life for both Cathy and me.About 18 months ago Cathy started using the MedMinder pillbox. No longer was she forgetting to take her medicine. I am very happy to report that as a result of using the MedMinder pillbox Cathy has been stabilized and feeling well for the past 18 months!

This invention has literally changed our life. I hope you put this on your website to inform others who may be suffering from the same illness that there is an answer and that answer is the MedMinder pillbox.