My name is Bob Benoit and I wish to thank you for your wonderful MedMinder invention. My wife Cathy has suffered for 36 years with Bi-Polar depression with anxiety. Her longest period of feeling well during this time was 5 months. More typically she would cycle between feeling well and being extremely depressed at three month intervals. Needless to say this has greatly affected the quality of life for both Cathy and me.About 18 months ago Cathy started using the MedMinder pillbox. No longer was she forgetting to take her medicine. I am very happy to report that as a result of using the MedMinder pillbox Cathy has been stabilized and feeling well for the past 18 months!

This invention has literally changed our life. I hope you put this on your website to inform others who may be suffering from the same illness that there is an answer and that answer is the MedMinder pillbox.

Robert L. Benoit

Quality Management staff were very impressed with the reports, the numbers speak for themselves: adherence rates often in the 90th percentile. Long Term nurses appreciate your dedication to their efforts in the field. We heard over and over again how responsive your staff is to any calls. …And nurses were asking for more boxes, which is testimony unto itself! We’ll continue to refine the collaboration and reports. More good things to come!

Rachel MeyersDirector, Community Initiatives Metropolitan Jewish Health System

Last Spring our daughter got all messed up on her anti depression pills and had a severe memory loss problem. She could not seem to take her pills at the right time or in the right quantity. I searched the Internet for a pill reminder system and came across the MedMinder. It seemed like exactly the right answer and lo and behold it was. The notification system worked flawlessly and the alert system was a source of comfort for us as it took the worry out of the equation. Using the MedMinder our daughter was able to normalize her medicines and regained her memory so that this was no longer needed. Thanks for making such a smart device for those that need it. It is a god send and we sure did appreciate it.

Jim Kraft

I have been such a satisfied customer of the Medminder medication system that I just had to take a minute to write to you to tell you how the system has made a positive impact on the independent living arrangement for my father. My Dad is 80 and has been in and out of the hospital in 2010 because of taking his medications incorrectly. He wants to take the medicine the right way but just cannot remember well enough what has and has not been taken on a daily basis. He gets easily confused.
I began researching options for pill boxes to keep him more organized and accountable. I came across Medminder and decided to give it a try. Honestly, that system has given my father the ability to live independently while I can keep an eye on him. I have control of the dispensing of the medicine as I fill up the cups for each week on Saturday morning. Should he not take the medicine as expected within the given time window – I receive a text and can check up on him immediately. When I call, he is very pleased that I reminded him and thanks me for caring so much. He is now in much better health. His doctor appointments are simply routine. No hospital visits required.
Thank you for offering such a fantastic product. The system along with the service has been outstanding. I recommend this system without reservation for anyone who has an older parent who wants to stay in their homes.

Mary Beth Marchionda