My name is Bob Benoit and I wish to thank you for your wonderful MedMinder invention. My wife Cathy has suffered for 36 years with Bi-Polar depression with anxiety. Her longest period of feeling well during this time was 5 months. More typically she would cycle between feeling well and being extremely depressed at three month intervals. Needless to say this has greatly affected the quality of life for both Cathy and me.About 18 months ago Cathy started using the MedMinder pillbox. No longer was she forgetting to take her medicine. I am very happy to report that as a result of using the MedMinder pillbox Cathy has been stabilized and feeling well for the past 18 months!

This invention has literally changed our life. I hope you put this on your website to inform others who may be suffering from the same illness that there is an answer and that answer is the MedMinder pillbox.

Robert L. Benoit

Quality Management staff were very impressed with the reports, the numbers speak for themselves: adherence rates often in the 90th percentile. Long Term nurses appreciate your dedication to their efforts in the field. We heard over and over again how responsive your staff is to any calls. …And nurses were asking for more boxes, which is testimony unto itself! We’ll continue to refine the collaboration and reports. More good things to come!

Rachel MeyersDirector, Community Initiatives Metropolitan Jewish Health System

Last Spring our daughter got all messed up on her anti depression pills and had a severe memory loss problem. She could not seem to take her pills at the right time or in the right quantity. I searched the Internet for a pill reminder system and came across the MedMinder. It seemed like exactly the right answer and lo and behold it was. The notification system worked flawlessly and the alert system was a source of comfort for us as it took the worry out of the equation. Using the MedMinder our daughter was able to normalize her medicines and regained her memory so that this was no longer needed. Thanks for making such a smart device for those that need it. It is a god send and we sure did appreciate it.

Jim Kraft

I have been such a satisfied customer of the Medminder medication system that I just had to take a minute to write to you to tell you how the system has made a positive impact on the independent living arrangement for my father. My Dad is 80 and has been in and out of the hospital in 2010 because of taking his medications incorrectly. He wants to take the medicine the right way but just cannot remember well enough what has and has not been taken on a daily basis. He gets easily confused.
I began researching options for pill boxes to keep him more organized and accountable. I came across Medminder and decided to give it a try. Honestly, that system has given my father the ability to live independently while I can keep an eye on him. I have control of the dispensing of the medicine as I fill up the cups for each week on Saturday morning. Should he not take the medicine as expected within the given time window – I receive a text and can check up on him immediately. When I call, he is very pleased that I reminded him and thanks me for caring so much. He is now in much better health. His doctor appointments are simply routine. No hospital visits required.
Thank you for offering such a fantastic product. The system along with the service has been outstanding. I recommend this system without reservation for anyone who has an older parent who wants to stay in their homes.

Mary Beth Marchionda

I just wanted to let you know that your MedMinder pill dispensing system has changed my mother’s life. She had developed memory issues that were making it impossible for her to manager her medicines. She wa missing doses or doubling up. She could not remember if she had had her prescriptions refilled or not. She was exhibiting all kinds of symptoms the doctors could not figure out. After installing the system and having her medication under control almost all of her symptoms are gone. Its like we have rolled back the clock by five years o better. Best of all, this allows her to keep her independenceAnyone who has a senior loved one living alone should have this device.

Eddy Snell

Just wanted you folks to know just how wonderful my family and I appreciate all of you at medminder!!!!!!!! We got the medminder box for my mom after a stroke,and she has been diagnosed with early alzhiemers,after the stroke she has had to relearn all of her meds and time to take them EVERYTHING but the medbx has helped soo much that just after 5mths she fills it takes meds and does refills all on her on and has 100% success for 5 weeks in a roll on her weekly report.We just wanted to say THANKS for such a great product !!! Also the staff are EXCELLENT!!!Thanks medminder The Family of Jan Bennick P/S:We tell everyone we come in contact with about our medbox!!!

Jan Bennick

Thank you – thank you – thank you.
As the population lives to be older and older, one of the concerns for many children of the elderly is that their loved one will run out of money before they die. In September, 2012, my 95 year-old mother, who lives as an independent in an assisted-living facility, was hospitalized for a short period of time. Unfortunately, for many elderly patients, an illness and hospitalization causes some increased confusion. In my mother’s case, the confusion affected her ability to remember correctly the medication she needs to take. I live far enough away, that it is not possible for me to visit her on a daily basis to dispense her medication. If we had switched her status from “independent living” to “assisted living,” a staff member would have overseen her medication, but her rent would have increased several hundred dollars per month. In my efforts to find some way to avoid having a 25% increase in her monthly living expenses, I searched the Web for “pill dispensers for the elderly.” That’s when and how I found MedMinder. I LOVE Maya. This is a concept that makes you slap your forehead and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” It works beautifully for us and, God willing, will allow my mother to maintain her independence for a while longer in a lovely home that she can still afford. It is an incredibly brilliant device, and I will continue to sing the praises of Maya and Jon long after I (or my mother) no longer have a need for it.You have my deepest gratitude.

Becky Hix

Just want to say how awesome the med minder is! My mother has beginning dementia and AFIB, which messes with her mind and takes 74 pills a day. The MedMinder keeps her on a timely schedule which keeps her med levels more consistent. She is doing better health wise and it gives me peace of mind knowing she doing everything right when I don’t get a text or call. Thank you!

Shelley Daugherty

I have been looking for a product like this.
Before getting the MedMinder, I would often panic, call my mother everyday and drive long distances to make sure her medications were taken properly. She had monthly doctor visits to balance out her medications and it was problematic for all of us. Also, it was not possible for me to live with her and my wife all in the same house while monitoring her medications and health.After getting the MedMinder Maya pillbox, I am no longer concerned about calling to make sure whether she takes her medications. Now, my routine in the morning after waking up is to check the weather and look at her MedMinder report. The updates provide me with peace of mind knowing that she has taken her medications on time. Her quality of life has improved drastically and other people seem to visibly notice that she is doing better as well. She is the best she has been now and even feels comfortable being outside. Overall, I think this is an excellent product!

Edward Green

She has been taking many pain medications, and it has been very difficult for her to keep track of the medications and take them properly. Often times, she would consume too many or too little of her medications and that would enhance the side effects. She used to go in and out of psychiatric hospitals and would have mood swings when she would not take her medications correctly.With the Maya she no longer has the mood swings, is very stable and energetic. Clearly, the Maya box is working really well for her. I have been a care manager for over 30 years and never seen someone’s life change so much. She is now even job hunting and more independent than ever. The Maya pillbox has definitely helped her become healthier and live a happier life.

CarolGeriatric Care Manager

We LOVE your box. Our mom’s pills have never gone smoother. We don’t spend any time worrying whether she is taking her pill. What a superb system you have developed. And it allows you to put a lot more pills and even vitamins than we were able to do with any other system. But The reminder and notification works so well – my mother loves it.(you are welcome to use our quote).
We have the box set so when the time to take pills occurs (9am, 1PM, 9PM) the first signal is just having the light flashing. My mom says she’d be happy if it could beep on the first signal. and let it continue to beep till you get to the next escalation. Usually, the only time it’ s an issue if she happens to not be in the apartment.
Can you set the alerts so the first alert beeps along with the lighting up of the box? If not, we can live with it. Just wondered.

Mike Cohen for Marilyn Cohen

The Medminder has made it possible for me to monitor my dad’s medications even though he lives 70 miles away. I I fill the medications in 4 week intervals. My mom can reliably replace a weeks worth of medications by using the trays. This means that my mom and dad can continue to live independently and I know he’s getting his right medication on time. My dad is 92 and my mom is 91. To say that this is a lifesaver would be an understatement!

Karen Nelson

My Mother has been a MedMinder user for a number of years. It has worked great. I receive email notifications if my mother has missed taking her medications or if there has been a power loss etc. Bottom line medication compliance has been excellent. Customer service is also excellent. They really stand by their product.

Bill Powers

Truly, the Medminder seemed to good to be true when I first read the brochure but it was entirely exactly as you portray! People were shocked when I told them I would get texts immediately if my mother missed her meds. The Medminder very much extended my mother’s independence level for many years!

Susan Trace