The Ultimate Pharmacy for the Elderly

Our Pharmacy Service Includes:

  • Our Newest MedMinder Pill Dispenser
  • No Incremental Costs (just cover the co-pay)
  • Free Shipping To Your Loved Ones' Door

How it Works



Our pharmacists take care of transferring your parent’s prescriptions to MedMinder


Medications are pre-organized – no sorting, counting or un-packing required


Our pharmacists will follow-up with your parents’ doctors and take care of refills, so you don’t have to worry


When tray is delivered to their door, they just pop it in!

Get Our Pill Dispenser Included

For no additional cost, you will receive our MedMinder Pill Dispenser.  Your parents’ medications will be delivered to their door, pre-organized and ready to be added to the dispenser!

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The Most Trusted Pharmacy For The Elderly & Critically Ill

Years in Business

Years in Business

Medications Managed

Medications Managed

Google Rating

Google Rating

All the Benefits You Need

Pre-Organized Meds

Our pharmacists will pre-organize the medications and arrange them in ready-to-use trays.

Delivered To Their Door

The medications will be delivered right to your loved ones' door, for free!

Our Dispenser is Included

Our customers receive a SMART pill dispenser at no additional cost.

No Incremental Costs

You cover the standard co-pay, we'll cover the rest!

Thousands of Happy Customers


“MedMinder provides another set of hands and eyes in helping you to remain adherent.”
The Meyers Family – St. Louis


“Its just not the pill taking that’s a comfort factor of the pillbox, but its also the fact that it is effectively double checking on the person at home repeatedly during the day”
Home Instead Senior Care

The Ultimate Pharmacy for the
Elderly and Critically Ill

MedMinder Pharmacy's goal is to revolutionize medication management. We have integrated our trusted pharmacy services with our industry-leading SMART pill dispenser. Now, individuals who need help taking multiple medications can do so easily and independently. From transferring prescriptions to setting up the pill dispenser, we make the entire process easy for the whole family. Contact us today and get the peace of mind you've been searching for.

Ready to Get Started?

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