Learn more by listening to what patients, family members and institutional caregivers have to say about MedMinder’s medicine reminder:

“For anyone managing a chronic illness, you have one less thing to worry about, and that’s taking your meds on time”

Chuck Ingham

“MedMinder provides another set of hands and eyes in helping you to remain adherent.”

The Meyers Family – St. Louis

“Its just not the pill taking that’s a comfort factor of the pillbox, but its also the fact that it is effectively double checking on the person at home repeatedly during the day”

HomeInstead Senior Care

“This unit is easy to use and coupled with a very powerful computer system to make sure you are taking your medications properly”

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona


Nationwide Coverage MedMinder pill dispensers are equipped to communicate with our monitoring centers via an internal GSM cellular link. No Phoneline needed. No internet needed.

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