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Carol Moore Whitmire

We looked at several medication dispensers, but this system stood out amongst all the rest. It’s extremely easy to use for both the patient and the caregivers. Great refill trays make weekly refills as easy as can be. I love the size of the cups because they fit many pills and I can put a diabetes testing strip in there to remind him to check his sugar levels at the appropriate times. It has made a world of difference with medication compliance and overall well being for the patient. Thinking of getting another box for patients spouse with the medical alert system. I love that I can select the time frames that medication is accessible so no double dosing can occur and I get phone/text notification if a med has been missed. Couldn’t be happier. No regrets.

Elliot Simons

100% compliance in the first two weeks!!!
I came across MedMinder while searching for a monitored pill dispenser for my parents and couldn’t be more pleased. It was easy to set up, takes up little space, and best of all, I can monitor, adjust dosage times, and get alerts from 240 miles away. My parents went from missing doses, partial doses, and sometimes no meds at all to taking everything they should at consistant times. All this without making reminder calls and the fear of not knowing what they were doing. Another plus is that my two brothers can get alerts and monitor the MedMinder too. Thank you for all of your help and for helping to maintain my parents health and lifestyle.

Bonnie Frazier Henry

I’m so grateful to the person responsible for inventing The MedMinder! When I became my mother’s caretaker it was a day to day challenge with her medications! So after researching the internet I discovered the best device ever! I’ve shared this with my mom’s doctor, her home health nurse, co-workers, and friends! I just truly want to thank everyone who played a part in producing this product!

Laura Lee Reeves

Medminders Jon box has changed our lives….my father in law with dementia can keep his independence and us as his caregivers can have piece of mind…thank you medminder.


Nationwide Coverage MedMinder pill dispensers are equipped to communicate with our monitoring centers via an internal GSM cellular link. No Phoneline needed. No internet needed.

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