Pill Dispenser notifications in French

June 20, 2012

The MedMinder pill dispenser has recently added French as a language option to its notification and reminders. Yes, the pillbox is now capable of reminding users in French when it is time to take their medication and notify French speaking caregivers in their native language. electronic pill dispenser

In the process of reaching out to different cultures and language speakers, MedMinder is now providing services in the United Kingdom and Canada. This is our first step in expanding our horizon across other countries. It is by no means a surprise to know that there are many who are on complex medication regimens and are in need of medication management across the world. With MedMinder’s pill dispenser, the chronically ill, the elderly and disabled are able to manage their medication with ease and comfort.

On that note, MedMinder will soon be providing its pill dispenser and services to Japan. We have seen great success with medication adherence and patient compliance here in the United States. Stay updated with MedMinder’s news!


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