MedMinder adds a custom fit medication tray making Maya even easier to use

June 22, 2009

Newton, MA  June 22, 2009. MedMinder is pleased to introduce a special enhancement to its already easy-to-use medication adherence solution. The company has designed a specialized tray that can be easily pre-filled by a pharmacist, family member or certified professional caregiver. Even more significant, however, is that the tray is designed to be effortlessly inserted into the Maya pill dispenser.


“After working with hundreds of patients who must follow complex, multiple daily medication regimes, the MedMinder team realized how cumbersome it could be to have to continually organize and place the right pills in the appropriate medication compartments every week,” said MedMinder Founder and CEO Eran Shavelsky. “That’s what inspired our development team to create a custom-fit tray that would slide directly into the Maya unit with ease,” he said.

Each pre-filled tray holds one week’s supply of medications and is equipped with the same exact pill cups that are currently used in the Maya unit. The tray is able to accommodate several different sizes and shapes of pills. “Using the pre-filled, custom fit trays is completely optional,” noted Mr. Shavelsky. “We developed the custom fit tray merely as a convenience to the patients we serve, their families and caregivers; using the tray is not required. It is meant to be another enhancement to our innovative medication adherence solution. The medication cups in the Maya pill dispenser can still be filled manually anytime,” Mr. Shavelsky added.

The convenience of the pre-filled trays allows family members and caregivers to prepare for several weeks ahead, leaving pre-filled trays with the patient to insert week to week without having to rely on others. This helps foster a sense of independence for the patient. All he or she has to do is open the unit’s main compartment door and replace the old tray with a new one, just like a cartridge. The Maya unit is equipped with sensors that report when the main compartment door was opened, and if the tray was replaced correctly and on time. That information is transmitted to the designated caregivers in case personal intervention is required and the data is stored at MedMinder’s central server for future reporting if needed.

The development of the new tray presents a unique opportunity for pharmacists throughout our service area to partner with MedMinder to provide the medication pre-filling services. Patients will be more likely to have all their prescriptions filled through those pharmacists who offer this service, thereby reinforcing their value to their regular customers using the MedMinder system. “It’s a “win, win” situation for everyone,” concluded Mr. Shavelsky.

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