MedMinder adds Real-time Text Messaging (SMS) to Caregivers

July 27, 2009

Newton, MA July 27, 2009. One of the most important aspects of the MedMinder solution is the system’s ability to notify family members and professional caregivers, and keep them informed in real time, if the patient has missed a dosage, taken the wrong pills, missed a refill, or any other departure from the patient’s prescribed medication schedule.

“We have learned that many family members do not have access to email during the day or may not use the Internet on a regular basis,” said Bela Labovitch, MedMinder’s Vice President of Engineering. “However,” she added, “Most family members, and certainly most professional caregivers, always carry their cell phones. Many of our clients have been asking us to provide these system alerts and notifications directly to their cell phones. We are pleased to announce that at no additional cost, we have developed this technology and have introduced this service, which is now an integral part of our solution,” she added.

In addition, caregivers, family members and patients, can now select and subscribe to the types of messages that they want to receive. Since MedMinder collects comprehensive and rich data from its pill dispenser, there are many types of notifications available :

  • Medication was not taken on schedule
  • Medication cup was taken out at the wrong time
  • Medication cup was not returned to the compartment
  • Scheduled refill has started
  • Refill was started, but not finished
  • Unscheduled refill occurred
  • MedMinder tray was not replaced during the refill
  • Reminder to take medication
  • Reminder to refill the box
  • Scheduled refill was missed
  • Pillbox registration failed
  • Pillbox was deregistered
  • Loss of wireless connection
  • Wireless connection reestablished
  • Pillbox turned on
  • Pillbox lost power and is running on battery
  • Pillbox power restored
  • Pillbox shut down

“It’s simply a matter of personal preference. Our users can pick and choose to receive all forms of alerts or just specific ones,” said. Ms. Labovitch.

The system allows users to prioritize the alerts they want to receive. For instance, some users might choose to receive email notifications for the more routine circumstances, while adding text messages just for the more critical occurrences

“This is just one more system enhancement in Maya’s evolution,” said Eran Shavelsky, MedMinder’s Founder and CEO. “Our goal is to continue to develop and improve Maya’s pill dispenser capabilities in an effort to meet the needs of our growing customer base.”

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