MedMinder forms Advisory Board

May 8, 2009

Newton, MA  May 8, 2009. MedMinder™ Systems, Inc. announced today the formation of an Advisory Board:

Dr. Andrew Dibner

One key Advisory Board member is the legendary Dr. Andrew Dibner, co-founder of Lifeline Systems. Lifeline is the first and most successful company to have pioneered personal response systems. Dr. Dibner holds a Doctorate in psychology from the University of Michigan and was a psychology professor at Boston University, where he specialized in the psychology of aging. “MedMinder provides a very important service. As people get older, they have difficulty remembering if they have taken their medications. Simply reminding them is not enough. MedMinder goes the extra mile by providing the personal touch, with the focus on changing the person’s behavior,” he said. “I am often approached by entrepreneurs seeking my advice. None of them have impressed me to the extent that MedMinder has,” said Dr. Dibner. “I am both proud and excited to actively take part in the development and launch of the MedMinder solution. It’s been like a rebirth, reminiscent of the inspiration I experienced when I founded Lifeline. Often the people who need these products the most are the ones least interested in using them as was the case with Lifeline. It’s up to the caregivers and family members to reinforce the need and use of the product. The pill dispenser, Maya, virtually speaks to the patient through various tones and alerts that result in follow up calls from caregivers if needed. It’s the human touch that makes the difference,” concluded Dr. Dibner.

Dr. Woodie Flowers

Dr. Woodie Flowers is also one of MedMinder’s key Advisory Board members who was inspired to get involved with developing a medication management solution when a family member, afflicted with Alzheimer’s, required constant medication supervision from the family. Dr. Flowers felt there had to be a better way. A professor emeritus of mechanical engineering at MIT, with over 40 years of experience in engineering design and product development, including 20 years of research in biomedical engineering, Dr. Flowers holds three honorary doctorates and several teaching awards. “MedMinder has made a giant step toward delivering a user-friendly medication reminder system that fits easily into a person’s daily life and helps the patient overcome confusion, while at the same time enabling caregivers to receive real-time feedback and ultimately, greater peace of mind,” said Dr. Flowers. “Another aspect of MedMinder is its ability to link real-time medication compliance data with the patients’ medical records. All of us in healthcare should be doing a better job of accessing clear, comprehensive patient medical information, and making the patient’s reliable medical history data more accessible to health care providers. MedMinder is a step in that direction,” he concluded.

Eran Shavelsky, MedMinder’s Founder and CEO, said: “I would like to thank both Andy and Woodie for their active involvement in the design of the MedMinder pill dispenser. We could not have launched this service without their constant input, mentoring, guidance, and friendship,” said Mr. Shavelsky. “I have learned a great deal from them and I am confident that the MedMinder team will be very successful in making their vision a reality,” he concluded.

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