MedMinder Goes Live with Maya!

May 1, 2009

Newton, MA  May 1, 2009. MedMinder™ Systems, Inc. announced today the release of its flagship product, Maya™, an innovative, automated, home-based medication adherence pill dispenser solution and service.

“After more than two years of intensive research and focus, we are thrilled to announce the completion of Maya’s design, testing and manufacturing,” said Eran Shavelsky, Founder and CEO. “We are extremely proud of our team’s diligent efforts in launching MedMinder’s first pill dispenser product. We have designed Maya with ease-of-use as a key product feature. Our pilot programs with chronically ill patients showed significant improvement in medication adherence, increased feelings of personal independence and security for the patients, and enhanced peace of mind for the patients’ caregivers. We would like to thank the many patients, families, nurses, physicians, pharmacists, care managers and other leaders in the healthcare community for their insight, feedback and encouragement throughout the development process. Their ongoing support and enthusiasm helped inspire us to continually test and improve the design to get to this point,” said Mr. Shavelsky.

“We are celebrating our success in solving many of the complex technical challenges we encountered throughout each developmental phase,” said Bela Labovitch, VP, Engineering. “We recognize the importance of this solution for patients and the families, so that making the system reliable, secure and scalable was a critical milestone for us. Moreover, we have ensured that our system will effectively serve different sectors of the healthcare community, will allow for easy integration with other systems, and that the system is fully HIPPA compliant,” she stated.

About Maya

With Maya, an electronic pill box, equipped with wireless technology that links to a central computer system, MedMinder is leading the charge against one of healthcare’s most challenging and costly issues, Medication non-compliance. Approximately 50% of the two billion prescriptions filled each year are not taken as prescribed, contributing to 125,000 US deaths annually and up to 25% of hospital and nursing home admissions, costing the US health care system over $175 billion each year.

Beyond improving compliance, Maya provides caregivers with ongoing, real-time status activity reports. Maya combines the simplicity of a standard over-the-counter plastic pill box; the power of the Internet; and proprietary technology that delivers a variety of alerts (beeps, flashing lights, or automated phone calls) to remind patients to take their scheduled medications. The unit contains 28 compartments for one week’s supply of medication with Installation as simple as plugging the power cable into an electrical outlet.

Authorized users can customize alert preferences and the medication schedule at any time through MedMinder’s Web-based interface. When it’s time to take a medication, the appropriate compartment lights up. If the cup is not removed within the assigned timeframe, the patient receives auditory prompts as well as optional automatic phone calls. MedMinder’s central computer system records both medication-compliant and non-compliant behavior and caregivers can easily access this information via the Internet or receive real-time notifications. With Maya, the patient’s support system — family, friends and professional caregivers — can work together to monitor and positively influence the patient’s health which is so critically dependent on their medication adherence.

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