MedMinder Opens Pharmacy in Brooklyn

March 18, 2020

With the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency, it is more important than ever to keep our elderly loved ones safe and independent at home. It is with great pride and a deep sense of responsibility, that MedMinder Pharmacy is announcing the opening of its second location in Brooklyn, NY.

Joining our Boston location, the new Brooklyn MedMinder Pharmacy will allow us to expand our operations in the Tri-State area, serving more communities and patients than ever before.

Our new MedMinder Pharmacy in Brooklyn!

MedMinder Pharmacy’s comprehensive medication management solution combines pre-packaged medications delivered to the patient’s doorstep, with a smart pillbox, all for the cost of your co-pay. Our smart pillbox helps your loved ones manage a complex medication regime independently, notifying caregivers and relatives if a dosage was missed.

Our smart pill dispensers come in a locked and unlocked flavor. We also offer offer an integrated medical alert button, connecting your loved ones to an emergency call center.

The Maya and Maya with Medical Alert unlocked pill dispensers are suitable for independent patients who just need a friendly reminder about taking the right meds at the right time.

The Jon and Jon with Medical Alert locked pillboxes only allow opening one compartment at a time, helping to prevent overdose and confusion about which meds to take.

The medical alert button and pendant allow patients to call an emergency call center with the click of a button, using the pill dispenser’s built in phone. Medical alert gives you piece of mind, knowing your loved ones can get emergency help at the click of a button.



We are excited and honored to expand our services to the NY area! Our new pharmacy in Brooklyn is located at 5369 Kings Hwy, Brooklyn, New York, 11203-6704.

To contact MedMinder Pharmacy, call 1-800-203-6282, or visit MedMinder Pharmacy. To learn more about the service, check out our video:

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