MedMinder reaches 50 Employees

March 27, 2019

Thank you to the outstanding MedMinder #team! This company would not be where it is today without each and every one of you.

Today, we celebrate 50 unbelievably talented individuals who embody MedMinder and the mission we set out to achieve. To increase patient compliance and medication adherence, while providing patients with a sense of independence and their loved ones a peace of mind. At MedMinder, we strive to continue innovating within healthcare and to provide intelligent solutions that offer greater patient independence and family comfort.

At its inception, MedMinder embarked upon this mission by becoming a medical equipment supplier, including the Maya and Jon pill dispensers. However, we did not delay the progress of our mission after the success of Maya and Jon. To further solve independency and peace of mind, we proudly launched the MedMinder #pharmacy service in 2016, offering our users the full medication solution. This launch has been well-received by our users, allowing MedMinder’s rapid growth to reach the milestone that we celebrate today. 50 employees!

Get Your Medminder

Relieve anxiety over a loved one’s medicine needs with the MedMinder Dispenser. The easiest, safest and more entertaining way to assist them.

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