Medminder Systems, Inc. Teams with Metropolitan Jewish Health System to Track Medication Adherence of Select Kidney Transplant Clients

September 24, 2009

Newton, MA, September 24, 2009. In an effort to better pinpoint medication adherence habits, a select number of Metropolitan Jewish Health System (Metropolitan) kidney transplant clients will pilot MedMinder Systems Inc.’s technology for approximately six months.

“There is a natural euphoria associated with receiving a kidney donation, however, it sometimes overshadows the client’s need to stick with a medication regimen that is often critical to overall health, as well as to the viability of the transplanted organ,” says Lydia Galeon, Metropolitan’s vice president of long term care and business initiatives. “By piloting MedMinder with a select number of Metropolitan’s kidney transplant clients, we hope to learn how to help improve medication adherence and help reduce rehospitalization rates.”

MedMinder, through its comprehensive medication adherence system, helps patients and clients take the right medicine at the right time, and allows caregivers and family members to monitor the patient’s medication activity. The MedMinder system includes the “Maya unit”, an intelligent, easy-to-use, pill dispenser equipped with wireless technology. The feature-rich, configurable, MedMinder Web application provides real time notifications and reminders to the patient, family and care managers. The adherence data collected is accessible via the MedMinder Web application and could be integrated with other health care tools such as predictive modeling, case management and electronic medical records.

“We are excited to work with Metropolitan Jewish Health System,” said Eran Shavelsky, president and CEO of MedMinder Systems. “We believe that our system will foster better communication between patients, their caregivers and their families. We are confident that it also will positively influence medication adherence and overall patient health.”

About Metropolitan Jewish Health System

Metropolitan Jewish Health System (Metropolitan) is a charitable not-for-profit organization with more than a century of providing health care services to the community. A recognized leader in the field of integrated health care, our participating agencies and programs serve more than 40,000 individuals and their families in the Greater New York City area. The services of Metropolitan include home care, hospice, palliative care, skilled nursing facilities, adult day health care, health plans and research. For more information visit

About MedMinder Systems, Inc.

MedMinder Systems, Inc., a Massachusetts based company, provides an integrated pill dispenser that improves medication adherence and lowers medical costs of patients with chronic conditions and complex medication regimes. For more information, please visit

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