Bosch is now offering MedMinder as part of its health management programs

October 22, 2012

Robert Bosch Healthcare is pleased to introduce powerful tools for enhancing medication adherence.

The MedMinder Maya pillbox pill dispenser and monitoring service is now available for use as a complement to Robert Bosch Healthcare’s health management programs, which provide education on medication adherence.

The Maya automated pill dispenser and monitoring service give patients and caregivers customizable reminders and alerts via phone, text or email to remind patients to take their medications at the right time. The system also provides Administration functions that allow Care Coordinators to manage devices and see reports for individual patients or their entire patient population

Medication adherence is a vital component of disease management in both chronic and post-acute care. The use of the MedMinder Maya pillbox and Robert Bosch Healthcare’s health management programs can facilitate increased medication adherence, reduced medication errors and costly hospital readmissions, and improved scores on healthcare scorecards.

“Our rich, evidence-based clinical content is one of the unique features of the Bosch telehealth system. The addition of the MedMinder medication monitoring system to our telehealth solutions will enhance the effectiveness of the medication adherence management that we offer our customers. ” noted Jasper zu Putlitz, MD, President of Bosch Healthcare.

“An added feature of the Maya pillbox is its built in cellular modem that provides medication monitoring without the need for a phone line or an internet connection. This makes it easy for patients to use with their Health Buddy or T400.” Eran Shavelsky, CEO MedMinder Systems Inc

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