Pre-filled Pill Trays with Up to 4 Weeks of Meds

MedMinder’s Pill Dispensers also accept MedMinder-supplied pre-filled pill trays that could be filled by your pharmacist or caregiver. This feature greatly reduces the risk of medication errors and ensures all compartments are correctly filled.

General Info

MedMinder’s pre-filled trays offer patients the convenience of not having to worry about placing the pills in the wrong compartment of the pill dispenser. Many chronically ill patients are on complicated drug regimens typically taking more than ten pills a day. Correctly filling each medication compartment is challenging and high-risk for any individual.

Set Up

Pre-Filled Trays | MedMinder

  • Setting up the pillbox is very simple and requires no machinery or prior experience. It is user friendly and can be set-up by anyone.
  • Just instruct MedMinder where to ship the empty trays. Then, the responsible caregiver, doctors or family members can fill the trays according to the simple instructions that come with the trays and user’s dosage schedule.
MedMinder Pre-Filled Trays - pill box
MedMinder Pre-Filled Trays - pill organizer


All that is required is to simply lift the Maya medication dispenser lid and place the pre-filled tray into the device. Take off the cover and close the Maya lid.

For the users, using the pre-filled tray is the exact same experience as using the regular pill cups.

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