Pill Trays with Up to 4 Weeks of Medications

MedMinder’s pill dispensers also accept MedMinder-supplied pill trays that can be filled by your pharmacist or caregiver. This feature makes it easier to organize the medications in advance and ensures the right pills are taken at the right time.

Pill Organization Made Easy

Use our pill trays to pre-organize medications.  Our trays fully integrate with our pill dispenser to provide the most intuitive process for taking medications on the market.  Our system was built for those who are on a complex medication regimen or routinely forget to take their medications on time.

Refilling the Trays is Easy

Organize a month’s worth of pills in no time

MedMinder Pre-Filled Trays - pill box
MedMinder Pre-Filled Trays - pill organizer

A Familiar Look - Better Functionality

Our pill trays are purposely designed to look similar to a traditional pill cup, so that the process of removing the medications is familiar and intuitive.

Get Your MedMinder Dispenser

Relieve anxiety over a loved one’s medicine needs with the MedMinder Dispenser. The easiest, safest and more entertaining way to assist them.

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