MedMinder Maya Medical Alert - locked pill box

Automated Pill Dispenser with Medical Alert

MedMinder’s integration of medication dispenser and medical alert is the most effective and affordable solution available to enhance medication adherence and helps the seniors stay independent at home.

$44.99/Per month

  • Unlocked pillbox – any compartment can be opened
  • Medical alert button or pendant calls an emergency call center
  • Real time alerts for patients and care-takers
  • No internet or phone line needed
  • Easy to use
General Info
MedMinder Maya Medical Alert - locking pill dispenser

MedMinder’s pill dispenser is the most effective and affordable medication management solution available to improve medication adherence to above 90%. Besides enabling personal interventions from caregivers and family members, MedMinder offers users a sense of comfort, independence and companionship. MedMinder’s pill dispenser looks like a basic seven-day pillbox. Designed with ease of use in mind, its simple and friendly interface has no digital readouts or buttons. The medication dispenser contains 28 compartments can accommodate dozens of different types of pills.

Set Up
MedMinder Maya and Jon - locking weekly pill organizer

The MedMinder pill dispenser is equipped with wireless technology (internal cellular modem) that updates MedMinder\’s central computer about the patient\’s dosage activity. This information is available online for caregivers who can also receive immediate email or text messages notifications and weekly reports. You or your caregiver can easily program the pill dispenser and customize preferences remotely via the Internet. You can also call MedMinder and we will do this for you. At the patient\’s home, there is no need for a computer, phone line, wireless router or any other form of Internet access – all that is required is electricity. The pill dispenser uses a built-in micro cell phone to connect with our monitoring station.

MedMinder Maya and Jon Medical Alert - locking weekly pill organizer

Once the MedMinder pill dispenser is set up, it provides the following:

  • Patient reminders: When it\’s time to take a medication, the appropriate compartment flashes. If the cup is not removed within the assigned time frame, the patient can get auditory prompts as well as optional automatic phone calls, text messages and emails.
  • Remote monitoring capabilities: MedMinder keeps records of patient activities. The caregiver can access this information via the Internet or receive real-time email or text message notifications. Weekly and monthly email reports are also available.
Re-Filling Options
MedMinder Maya and Jon Medical Alert - electronic pill dispenser with alarm

Two easy re-filling options:

  • Manual: Simply lifting Maya\’s lid opens all of the 28 compartments, allowing the caregiver or patient to place the medications in the proper cups.
  • Pre-filled tray: Maya pill dispenser also accepts MedMinder-supplied trays pre-filled by a pharmacist or caregiver. This feature greatly reduces the risk of medication errors and ensures all compartments are correctly filled.
MedMinder Maya and Jon - medication dispenser reviews

MedMinder provides rich reports regarding the medication activity. Detailed reports show when cups were taken out of the medication dispenser, when refilled and if any medications were missed. If you choose MedMinder will email you these reports pro-actively.

Medical Alert
MedMinder Maya Medical Alert - life alert

With the push of a button the pill dispenser will open a two-way voice channel with the professionals at the UL certified monitoring center. The wireless pendants are waterproof, feature 800 feet of transmission range, a long-life battery, and have a necklace and a male or female watch band design.

Custom Greetings
MedMinder Maya and Jon Medical Alert - philips

Caregivers can record voice messages at the MedMinder portal and our devices will play them so the user will hear a familiar voice. Custom greetings can be set as medication reminders, positive feedback, or even one-time personalized messages for special occasions. Caregivers can also type a personalized message that MedMinder converts to voice format.

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