How We've Changed Their Lives

"The uniqueness of this unit is that it is easy to use but it is also coupled with a very powerful computer system to assure you that you are taking your medications properly."

"I love this. I was always worried about my Mom taking medications."

"It’s going to be the game changer in terms of healthcare delivery. Mobile Health Technology allows a doctor and a patient to be interconnected with one another 24/7."

"WOW you do not want to mess that up."

"For anyone who is managing a chronic illness or any kind of illness, with Maya you have one less thing to worry about, and that’s taking your meds on time."

"We have seen real success with it and people like its ease. Chronically ill patients like that it looks just like a regular pillbox because they are used to it."

"It's just not the pill taking that’s a comfort factor of the pillbox, but it's also the fact that it is effectively double checking on the person at home repeatedly during the day."

"There is a new tool. It is pretty cool."

"It worked great. He certainly was 90% compliant and that made us all feel very good that he was taking his medications on a regular consistent basis."

I just truly want to thank everyone who played a part in producing this product!

I’m so grateful to the person responsible for inventing The MedMinder! When I became my mother’s caretaker it was a day to day challenge with her medications! So after researching the internet I discovered the best device ever! I’ve shared this with my mom’s doctor, her home health nurse, co-workers, and friends! I just truly want to thank everyone who played a part in producing this product!

Bonnie Frazier Henry

Medminders Jon box has changed our lives

Medminders Jon box has changed our lives….my father in law with dementia can keep his independence and us as his caregivers can have piece of mind…thank you medminder.

Laura Lee Reeves

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