Getting started with MedMinder

How do I know where to begin with my new MedMinder unit?

Your unit comes with a comprehensive step-by-step instruction brochure that is easy to understand and follow. If you have any questions, the MedMinder Customer Service staff is always just a phone call away.

Do I need to have Internet access at home in order to use MedMinder?

No. There is no need for a computer or any other type of Internet access.

What do I need to have at home in order to operate MedMinder?

All you need is electricity and wireless (cellular) coverage in the area in which you are using MedMinder (as you would with a cell phone). The pill dispenser has an internal cellular modem.

What happens if I lose electricity?

Rechargeable batteries are already installed in case of a power outage. The Battery will last for 48 hours.

How do I program MedMinder to match my medication schedule?

The easy step-by-step setup process is done online at If you need assistance with the setup one of our customer support professionals would be happy to assist you. Please call MedMinder at 1-888-633-6463.

How do I get help registering and programming MedMinder?

If you have any questions about setting up, registering, programming or operating your unit, simply call MedMinder’s Customer Service at 1-888-MED-MIND (1-888-633-6463).

What if I need to change my medication schedule during the week?

You can always change your medication schedule or any of your preferences by accessing your account at You can also call MedMinder and we will make the requested changes for you.

How fast do you ship the MedMinder unit?

Your MedMinder order is shipped within one business day of placing the order. We ship it from Massachusetts and use UPS.

Medication Trays: Fills and Refills

Does MedMinder provide reminders when it’s time to refill the tray?

Yes. When you register MedMinder, you can schedule a Refill Reminder. If the medication tray is not refilled at the scheduled time, you and your caregivers will be notified by the system. Keep in mind that the Refill Reminder is optional and you can refill the MedMinder at any time.

What happens if my prescription changes before the next scheduled refill?

Not a problem. Open the lid and make the needed medication changes (as you would with a simple pillbox). The system will report that an unscheduled refill was made.

How long will a full medication tray last?

Each medication tray has 28 compartments (4 rows with 7 compartments in each row). Each tray can hold 1 week to 4 weeks of medication, depending on the number of dosages per day.

3 to 4 Times Per Day1 week of medication.
2 Times Per Day2 weeks of medications. The first 2 rows become WEEK 1 and the second 2 rows become WEEK 2.
1 Time Per Day4 weeks of medications.

Where can I get more medication cups?

Simply contact MedMinder Customer Service Center at 1-888-MED-MIND (1-888-633-6463) or e-mail us at [email protected] and new cups will be shipped to you for no charge. 

What if I take medication fewer than four times a day?

MedMinder pill dispensers hold 1 week to 4 weeks of medication, depending on the number of dosage times per day.

3 to 4 Times Per Day1 week of medication.
2 Times Per Day2 weeks of medications. The first 2 rows become WEEK 1 and the second 2 rows become WEEK 2.
1 Time Per Day4 weeks of medications.

How many pills could the MedMinder pill dispenser accommodate?

This depends on the size of the pills. The cups are large enough to contain generous amount of pills. Each cup can hold upto 11-12 regular M&Ms.

Operating MedMinder

What do the different color status lights do?

The instructions that come with your unit include a visual chart displaying the meaning of each light or combination of lights.

Can someone with a vision or hearing disability use MedMinder?

Yes. MedMinder provides alerts that are both visual and auditory. The beeps can be easily heard and the lights flash on & off to get your attention. The system also provides automatic phone calls as reminders, in case the lights and beeps do not prompt taking the scheduled medication. You can also choose to receive just some of the reminders and disable the others. If you are visually impaired, the unit opens easily and the cups and compartments are large enough to feel and easy to remove and replace.

What if I don’t want to receive all the reminders available, just some of them?

You or your caregiver can select which reminders (beeps, flashing lights, phone calls, text messages or all) you want to receive. You can also change these selections at any time.

Can I take MedMinder with me if I go away for several days or go away on vacation?

Yes. MedMinder is completely portable and the prescription schedule will remain intact. If there is no wireless coverage in the area where you are staying, the lights and beeps will still operate. Phone calls, email and text messages will work when you are back in a wireless coverage area.

Customer Support

Who do I call if I have questions about using MedMinder?

Please call MedMinder’s Customer Service at 1-888-MED-MIND (1-888-633-6463) or email us at [email protected]. We take pride in our Customer Service and promise a great experience.

Customer Service is available Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 8 PM, EDT and Saturday & Sunday 9AM to 5PM EDT.

Privacy and Security

Are MedMinder trays child safe?

While our trays as shipped are not child safe and must remain out of the reach of children, your MedMinder Smart Pill Dispenser is optionally available as a locked unit with constant online monitoring, so once your tray is loaded your medications are safely locked until each dose becomes available.

Is the information I send MedMinder Pharmacy secure?

Your privacy and confidence in working with our pharmacy are critical your trust in us. We follow the latest security and encryption protocols and are fully HIPAA compliant. You may review our privacy policy and our terms of use.