Now she says her “pillbox is just great!”

We got a Maya MedMinder for a family member last year, and it has been fabulous. She’s in her mid-80s, has been living with dementia for a number of years, and can’t keep the days straight. She lives independently in an apartment for seniors.

Before she had the MedMinder, she would take pills on the wrong days or even take her morning/evening pills twice sometimes, but she’s done great with this. And we can double check her online or know if she’s up to something with the email alerts. (The fact that the person without internet or a cell phone can ‘spam’ me with medminder alerts makes me giggle.)

The website is also particularly helpful for us if my she leaves her telephone off the hook. Even if we can’t immediately get her on the phone, we can log in online and see when she last took medicine. If only Medminder would make a telephone that disconnects from the phone line and hangs up without being properly placed in its cradle!

At first, my she didn’t want the Medminder, since she could “remember to take her pills without a reminder,” but she agreed to try it for a month. After a few weeks, she had forgotten her resistance to the new pillbox, was used to the system, and it became the new normal. It’s really been terrific, and now she says her “pillbox is just great!”

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