Thank you for the best system possible

Two weeks ago, I started my mother on the “Jon” lockable MedMinder system. I’m thrilled to report that this is the first two weeks this year that I know she’s remembered to take the right pills at the right times throughout the day.

I was using the MedCenter 31-day system before. She lives alone, has early dementia, and would often let an entire day go by without taking her pills, then she would simply pick out the next one in line. (I once found her 4+ days behind). In recent months, if she knew I was coming over, she began to hide/stockpile any pills that she had missed, so it wouldn’t look like she had missed any. With the locked box, that’s no longer possible; what’s more, it’s not necessary because she hasn’t missed any.

I was concerned also, about being the only caretaker, and the only one able to refill her meds. After consulting with the Pharmacist at Kroger, I have turned her meds and the MedMinder refill boxes over to his care. A refilled tray is picked up each Monday, with her groceries, and installed by me or a hired caregiver.

The monitoring system is such a selling point. The first night, she didn’t close the pill compartment correctly so the alarm continued to sound. I was notified by text within minutes of her unplugging the system and was able to call her and fix the problem. In the days following, I considered turning off the alarm since she was doing so well taking them when the box unlocked and lit up. However, I have since been able to monitor that she more consistently waits till the alarm reminds her.

Thank you for the best system possible short of hiring a nurse to go by twice a day to administer her meds!

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