How to Choose the Best Medication Dispenser for You

Find the best medication dispenser for your loved one’s needs. 

Choosing the Best Medication Dispenser

Is your loved one on a complex medication regimen? Does he or she have trouble getting to the pharmacy, or have a tendency to forget to take their pills on time? The right medication dispenser can solve all of this. The best medication dispensers are designed to reduce the challenges of pill management (such as forgetfulness), and to ensure the right dosages are taken at the right time.

There is a large selection of pill organizers and dispensers out there. The question, among all of these solutions, how do you choose the best medication dispenser? The truth is, the “best” dispenser will be the one that aligns best with your or your loved one’s unique needs. Every patient and every medication regime is different. To choose the best medication dispenser for you, consider the following factors:


How many medications does your loved one need per day, per week? Choose a pill dispenser that can accommodate current dosages, and room for any more down the road. The MedMinder pill dispenser includes 28 compartments and can accommodate dozens of different medications.


Are you currently filling your loved one’s medications on your own, at the pharmacy and then into their pill trays? You can give your parent more independence by finding a medication dispenser that also offers a pre-fill or pharmacy service. MedMinder offers pre-organized pill trays, which can be filled at your own pharmacy, as well as a complete pharmacy solution, in which pill trays are pre-filled and delivered right to your door. This ensures you will always have the right medications, at the right time.


Do you trust your loved one to always take their pills on time, or do you need a medication dispenser that ensures total safety? The best medication dispenser will ensure your loved one does not mis-dose or overdose, and will give you more peace of mind. How? With locking capabilities. MedMinder’s locked pill dispenser allows you to pre-set a schedule, and only dispenses a medication when the pre-set time arrives. All other compartments remained locked.

automatic medication dispenser
locked pill dispenser


Maybe your loved one is forgetful when it comes to their medications. If he or she is prone to missing a dose, consider a medication dispenser that flashes reminders or alerts when a pill is missed. For example, when a dosage is missed in the MedMinder dispenser, the patient will receive auditory reminders to take the medication. They may also receive automatic phone calls, text messages, and alerts. Caregivers may also receive these optional alerts in real-time, as well. This takes the anxiety away from missed or incorrect dosages.

Fun to Use

Does your loved one dread taking their pills? The best medication dispenser can make this old-age routine a little more fun, through personalized greetings. MedMinder’s pill dispenser is very customizable, allowing you to create personalized greetings or upload pictures from your family – these will show on the dispenser’s interactive screen. This makes taking medicine a little more fun each day.

electronic medication dispenser

Ease of Use

Pill dispensers are designed to make medication management easy, particularly for those who are on a complex pill regime or who forget to take their pills on time. For this reason, it’s important to find an intuitive medication dispenser that your loved one can use and understand. The MedMinder pill dispenser, for example, looks like a basic, seven-day pillbox with no complicated buttons or digital read-outs. At the same time, it offers advanced capabilities for caregivers, such as remote capabilities.

Remote Capabilities

If your loved one is older and lives independently, you may spend time worrying about his or her well-being. Some of the best medication dispensers keep track of patient activity using remote monitoring capabilities. The MedMinder pill dispenser, for example, keeps record of patients’ pill activity, and gives caregivers access to this information via the internet, email, or text notifications. In addition, there is an optional medical alert feature on our pill dispensers. In an emergency, one push of a button can open a two-way voice channel with a UL certified monitoring center, that can get your loved one help.

The Best Medication Dispenser

The MedMinder pill dispenser is the most effective and affordable medication management solution out there today. Our automatic pill dispenser has proven to improve medication adherence to above 90%. If you or a loved one are on a complex pill routine and in need of the best quality medication dispenser, MedMinder can be the answer. Order MedMinder today by clicking the button below, or contact us online with any questions.