Best Pill Organizers:
7 Features to Look For

Find the best pill organizer for your loved one’s needs. Review our list of the top features to look for in a pill dispenser.

Finding the Best Pill Dispenser

Managing multiple medications can be both stressful and time-consuming. Perhaps you are caring for someone who tends to mix up their medications. Or, you’re worried about a loved one, such as a parent, who forgets to take their pills on time. Maybe you have a hard time staying on top of your own pill regime, and are seeking a solution. In any of these cases, a pill dispenser can be the solution.

Pill dispensers are designed to help you better manage your medications, by distributing the right dosages at the right time. They are organized in weekly or monthly layouts, with prescriptions assigned for each day. This organization helps prevent mis-dosing (or missing a dose), and can offer family members great peace of mind.

7 Features of the Best Pill Dispensers​

Not all pill organizers are created equal. The best pill organizers have advanced features such as automated dispensing, medical alarms, and remote monitoring capabilities. To help you find a device that meets your needs, we’ve compiled a list of features that only the best pill organizers will have.

An Easy-to-Use Interface

Managing medications is complicated enough, which is why the best pill organizers will work to ease that burden. They will offer a simple layout or interface that all patients, of all ages, can understand. When a pill dispenser is intuitive, a person is more likely to adhere to their medication routine. Consider the MedMinder pill dispenser, for example. The dispenser itself looks like a basic, seven-day pillbox. It has no digital readouts or buttons, making medication management an easy addition to your daily routine.

electronic pill dispenser
locked pill dispenser


The best pill dispensers are easy-to-use, but advanced enough to do all the heavy lifting for you. This is where automated capabilities come into play. An automatic pill dispenser, also called an electronic pill dispenser, is a pre-programmed device that ensures medications are taken at exactly the right time. When each pre-set time arrives, the device will alert the patient—and the pill compartment will automatically dispense the correct, pre-organized dosage. If the dose is not taken on time, our pill dispensers send automatic phone calls and messages, reminding them to take their medication.

Locking Compartments

Let’s face it – everyone can be forgetful. But when it comes to taking a medication, forgetfulness can become dangerous. It can lead to mis-dosing or over-dosing. If your loved one is prone to taking the wrong medication at the wrong time, it is important to find a pill organizer with locking capabilities. The best pill organizers have secured pill compartments that cannot be accessed until their pre-set time. When it comes time to take the pills, the compartments will automatically unlock. This is a safety feature that has become a must-have in modern pill dispensers.

automatic medication dispenser

Remote Monitoring Capabilities

If you are seeking a pill organizer for a loved one, and constantly worried about them missing dosages, remote monitoring features are a must. The best pill organizers have remote monitoring capabilities, so that family members (and healthcare professionals) can keep track of patient progress. MedMinder’s SMART technology allows us to keep records of patient activity. These records can be accessed by a family member or caregiver online, or through real-time email or text message alerts. Weekly and monthly email reports are also available, showing when medications were taken and/or missed.


The best pill organizers are completely customizable to you or your loved one’s needs. Not only does the MedMinder pill dispenser allow you to pre-set dosage times, it also allows you to set custom reminders and alerts. In addition, our Ori pill dispenser allows you to create personalized greetings (say, from the grandchildren) or upload pictures of your family to the dispenser’s screen. This makes taking medicine a little more fun each day.

All-in-One Pharmacy

Most pill organizers do not come with pre-organized and ready-to-use trays. The arranging of medications is typically done by a caregiver, who is also responsible for re-filling the prescriptions each week or month. However, if you want to give your loved one more independence, or make organizing medications even easier, you may seek out a pill dispenser with a pharmacy connection.

MedMinder is the only total medication compliance solution. We have a dedicated team of pharmacists who will take care of filling, managing, and transferring your prescriptions. We will deliver ready-to-use medication trays to you or your loved one, at no cost beyond your typical co-pay. Simply place the pre-filled trays into your MedMinder dispenser and you’re ready to go! At the end of the day, it’s our goal to make medication adherence an easy reality.

Choosing the Best Pill Organizer

Ultimately, the best pill organizer for your loved one will come down to his or her needs. However, the above features, collectively, can provide you peace of mind. The best pill dispensers take the anxiety away from managing medications. No more missed dosages that go unnoticed, and no more worrying about your loved one while you are away.

To learn more about the features of MedMinder’s pill dispensers, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have multiple dispensers available, and will help you find the best pill organizer for your needs.

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