Best Pill Dispenser for the Elderly

A pill dispenser, also known as a pill organizer, is a device that helps elderly people better manage their medications. The best pill dispensers for the elderly offer features to prevent mis-dosing, and give seniors more independence in their day-to-day lives. 

A Pill Dispenser for Independent Senior Living

Aging is not easy. On top of things like worsened memory and eyesight, older persons often have to rely on others to complete simple, day-to-day tasks. Taking multiple medications is a great example. Seniors who are prone to forgetfulness, or who are struggling with dementia or Alzheimer’s, need help taking the right medications at the right time.

A pill dispenser can make medication management easier, for seniors and caretakers alike. The best pill dispensers for the elderly are designed with locking compartments, automatic dispensing features, and medical alarms in case of emergency. This allows for complete safety, and gives seniors more independence when it comes to taking their pills.

Whether you are taking care of a parent, or working with older patients in a nursing home, you need a pill dispenser that is designed specifically for the elderly – one that can offer safe and timely medication administration, as well as more autonomy for your loved one in their golden years.

5 Features of a Reliable Medication Dispenser for the Elderly

Choosing the best pill dispenser for your loved one should start with some preliminary research. There are many pill organizers for the elderly, but not all offer the same features or quality. Below you will find a list of the top features of MedMinder’s pill dispenser for the elderly.

Locking Compartments for Safety

Are you worried about your loved one taking medications at the wrong time? MedMinder’s latest medication dispenser has a locking functionality to ensure dosages are taken only at the prescribed time. The individual pill compartments are locked until it is time for the dose, so you no longer have to worry about overdosing or mis-dosing.

locked pill dispenser
automatic medication dispenser

Automatic Dispensing at the Right Time

MedMinder goes beyond the traditional pill organizer with a fully automated and electronic dispensing mechanism. When the time arrives to take one’s pills, a dosage will automatically flash, unlock, and dispense. This is designed to enhance medication adherence and help seniors stay independent. As a caretaker, you can program the pill dispenser’s schedule easily and remotely, via the internet.

In addition, the MedMinder pill dispenser is equipped with wireless technology that automatically tracks patients’ dosage activity. This allows you to keep stay up-to-date – telling you when medications were dispensed, refilled, or even missed.

Medical Reminders and Alerts for Peace of Mind

If you worry about your parents when you’re not around, it is important to find a pill organizer that has medical reminders and alerts for the elderly. MedMinder can be programmed with both, to give you peace of mind. The auditory reminders are prompted when a dose of medications is missed, and can be followed up with a phone call or text message. The medical alert feature is there in case of emergencies. With the push of a button, the pill dispenser will open a two-way voice channel with the professionals at a UL-certified monitoring center.

electronic pill dispenser

Easy-to-Use and Interactive Screen

The MedMinder device looks like a basic, seven-day pill box for the elderly, with 28 compartments for up to a month of medications. This is a tried-and-true, easy-to-use design, with no complicated digital read-outs or buttons. However, MedMinder goes beyond the basics, with a fun and engaging, interactive screen. Grandma and grandma can open their pill dispenser to find photos of loved ones, or personalized greetings from their grandchildren, right on the home screen. Caregivers can also type a personalized message that MedMinder converts to voice format.

Convenient Refill Options

Refilling multiple prescriptions as an elderly person is not easy. As a caretaker or son/daughter, you may be responsible for refilling prescriptions every week or month. With MedMinder’s pill dispenser, there are multiple options for refilling the medication trays. You can fill the pill trays yourself, by simply lifting the pillbox lid. You can also order MedMinder-supplied trays ahead of time, and have them filled by a pharmacist. Or, you can try MedMinder’s convenient pharmacy solution, in which our team of pharmacists pre-fills your loved one’s medication trays and delivers them right to your door.

A Medication Dispenser Made for the Elderly

Seniors desire independence. MedMinder’s pill dispensers can help your parents (or patients) take a hold of their treatment. Our pill organizers are designed for the elderly, offering safe, automated, and easy-to-use features that anyone can use. In fact, our automatic pill dispenser has proven to improve medication adherence to above 90%. If you need a pill dispenser that will give you peace of mind, order MedMinder today. Click the button below, or contact us online with any questions.

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