How We've Changed Their Lives

"The uniqueness of this unit is that it is easy to use but it is also coupled with a very powerful computer system to assure you that you are taking your medications properly."

"I love this. I was always worried about my Mom taking medications."

"It’s going to be the game changer in terms of healthcare delivery. Mobile Health Technology allows a doctor and a patient to be interconnected with one another 24/7."

"WOW you do not want to mess that up."

"For anyone who is managing a chronic illness or any kind of illness, with Maya you have one less thing to worry about, and that’s taking your meds on time."

"We have seen real success with it and people like its ease. Chronically ill patients like that it looks just like a regular pillbox because they are used to it."

"It's just not the pill taking that’s a comfort factor of the pillbox, but it's also the fact that it is effectively double checking on the person at home repeatedly during the day."

"There is a new tool. It is pretty cool."

"It worked great. He certainly was 90% compliant and that made us all feel very good that he was taking his medications on a regular consistent basis."

I would recommend this machine to all caregivers

My husband has CADASIL a form of progressive vascular dementia. I chose the Jon+Alert locking dispenser after much research and after 5 years of using a less secure machine. The bells and whistles of this new machine gives me the security and peace of mind to continue to keep him at home as long as possible. It is affordable and the need to purchase a separate medic alert system. I would recommend this machine to all caregivers.

Bethany Taylor

Thank you for the best system possible

Two weeks ago, I started my mother on the “Jon” lockable MedMinder system. I’m thrilled to report that this is the first two weeks this year that I know she’s remembered to take the right pills at the right times throughout the day.

I was using the MedCenter 31-day system before. She lives alone, has early dementia, and would often let an entire day go by without taking her pills, then she would simply pick out the next one in line. (I once found her 4+ days behind). In recent months, if she knew I was coming over, she began to hide/stockpile any pills that she had missed, so it wouldn’t look like she had missed any. With the locked box, that’s no longer possible; what’s more, it’s not necessary because she hasn’t missed any.

I was concerned also, about being the only caretaker, and the only one able to refill her meds. After consulting with the Pharmacist at Kroger, I have turned her meds and the MedMinder refill boxes over to his care. A refilled tray is picked up each Monday, with her groceries, and installed by me or a hired caregiver.

The monitoring system is such a selling point. The first night, she didn’t close the pill compartment correctly so the alarm continued to sound. I was notified by text within minutes of her unplugging the system and was able to call her and fix the problem. In the days following, I considered turning off the alarm since she was doing so well taking them when the box unlocked and lit up. However, I have since been able to monitor that she more consistently waits till the alarm reminds her.

Thank you for the best system possible short of hiring a nurse to go by twice a day to administer her meds!

Tomi Kaiser

It’s like having my nurses back

This genius product (Jon) has taken away the burden (and temptation) of managing my multitude of medications since my injury and subsequent rhabdomyolysis. It’s like having my nurses back, but in my own apartment. Thank you Medminder!

Jessica Curtin

Now she says her “pillbox is just great!”

We got a Maya MedMinder for a family member last year, and it has been fabulous. She’s in her mid-80s, has been living with dementia for a number of years, and can’t keep the days straight. She lives independently in an apartment for seniors.

Before she had the MedMinder, she would take pills on the wrong days or even take her morning/evening pills twice sometimes, but she’s done great with this. And we can double check her online or know if she’s up to something with the email alerts. (The fact that the person without internet or a cell phone can ‘spam’ me with medminder alerts makes me giggle.)

The website is also particularly helpful for us if my she leaves her telephone off the hook. Even if we can’t immediately get her on the phone, we can log in online and see when she last took medicine. If only Medminder would make a telephone that disconnects from the phone line and hangs up without being properly placed in its cradle!

At first, my she didn’t want the Medminder, since she could “remember to take her pills without a reminder,” but she agreed to try it for a month. After a few weeks, she had forgotten her resistance to the new pillbox, was used to the system, and it became the new normal. It’s really been terrific, and now she says her “pillbox is just great!”

Leslie Hays Weston

Couldn’t be happier. No regrets.

We looked at several medication dispensers, but this system stood out amongst all the rest. It’s extremely easy to use for both the patient and the caregivers. Great refill trays make weekly refills as easy as can be. I love the size of the cups because they fit many pills and I can put a diabetes testing strip in there to remind him to check his sugar levels at the appropriate times. It has made a world of difference with medication compliance and overall well being for the patient. Thinking of getting another box for patients spouse with the medical alert system. I love that I can select the time frames that medication is accessible so no double dosing can occur and I get phone/text notification if a med has been missed. Couldn’t be happier. No regrets.

Carol Moore Whitmire

I can monitor, adjust dosage times, and get alerts from 240 miles away

100% compliance in the first two weeks!!!
I came across MedMinder while searching for a monitored pill dispenser for my parents and couldn’t be more pleased. It was easy to set up, takes up little space, and best of all, I can monitor, adjust dosage times, and get alerts from 240 miles away. My parents went from missing doses, partial doses, and sometimes no meds at all to taking everything they should at consistant times. All this without making reminder calls and the fear of not knowing what they were doing. Another plus is that my two brothers can get alerts and monitor the MedMinder too. Thank you for all of your help and for helping to maintain my parents health and lifestyle.

Elliot Simons

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